Tulip Protocol
Vault Strategy

Raydium v1 Autocompound

Currently, all Raydium vaults are supported with the following SolFarm Compounder v1 strategy. The user deposits their Raydium LP tokens into the vault. Rewards are harvested every hour and sold for LP constituents which is then added to LP and compounded. In the case of Dual Yield Vaults, minor asset exchange may be required to rebalance for LP add.
You can find our Medium guide here.
Raydium LP Strategy
To avoid users hopping in and out of vaults to game rewards, you will be required to keep your funds in the pool for at least 2 hours to avoid any penalties. If you withdraw before this period elapses, you will forfeit any rewards accrued during that time.

Future Strategies

Our team is constantly monitoring the DeFi space on Solana and will be looking to implement new yield strategies as more pieces emerge.